Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board Issues Positive Revenue Forecast

The Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board (NEFAB) met on April 25, 2019 to update its forecast of estimated state revenues. NEFAB projected increases in state revenue for the current year and next biennial budget period. For fiscal year 2018-2019 (the current budget year), NEFAB forecasted a revenue increase of $45 million over its February 2019 forecast for the same period.

Full Day Floor Debate Begins

Nebraska lawmakers have concluded their 55th day of work in this year's 90-day session. The Legislature has also completed committee hearings on more than 730 individual bills and resolutions introduced this year.The Legislature's work days now consist of full-day floor debate as they conitnue to address the 2019 priority legislation. From now until the scheduled adjournment date of June 6, the Legislature will work until approximately 5p.m., except for the last day of the work week and …