What We Do: Nebraska Lobbying & Government Relations

Political and Legislative Services

Nowka & Edwards is a full-service lobbying and government relations firm that provides its clients with a comprehensive array of public policy management and advocacy services. Depending on your needs, our services may include all or some of the following: lobbying, governmental relations, legislative monitoring and analysis, political strategy, grassroots network development, and government business strategies. We will tailor a specific plan that suits your objectives and budget.

Nebraska Lobbying

Our core service is advocating our clients’ interests to legislative leaderships, individual members, and staff. We educate policymakers about our clients and their issues, shape their image, and correct any misconceptions that sometimes arise during the policymaking process. In some cases, this involves drafting bills or amendments and identifying effective legislators to sponsor those bills or amendments. In other instances, it may mean identifying proposals that are harmful to our clients’ interests and building coalitions to oppose or amend such proposals.

Government Relations

Ever find yourself staring into the abyss of government bureaucracy with no idea of who to approach about your needs? At all levels of local and state government, we utilize our network of contacts to make sure that your concerns are directed to the policymakers who matter most.

Government Business Strategies

Looking to start or expand a business relationship with governmental entities in Nebraska? We can help develop a strategy and identify the local dynamics that you need to be aware of in Nebraska.

Legislative Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting

Nebraska’s policymaking process moves quickly during legislative sessions. Staying on top of developing issues can be a challenge. We provide our clients with daily updates of all legislative actions that may affect their interests and goals, allowing them to quickly and effectively address issues and needs.

Political Strategy

Our clients trust us to provide them candid assessments of Nebraska political candidates, along with strategy on political contributions in Nebraska races.  We can also guide you through the process of organizing a PAC in Nebraska and compliance with Nebraska’s campaign finance laws.

Grassroots Network Development

Nebraska policymakers listen to their constituents and care about the practical effect of their decisions on everyday Nebraskans.  We are experts in helping our clients plan, build, train, and mobilize a sustainable and effective grassroots network to advocate policy goals.

Photo credits: Nebraska Unicameral Information Office


Nowka & Edwards is a full-service lobbying firm that will tailor a specific plan to your individual objectives and budget.