Who We Are: Nebraska Lobbyists

Our Clients

From Fortune 500 companies and national trade organizations to businesses and associations of all sizes, our clients lead the way in shaping Nebraska’s future. Transportation, health care, energy, agriculture, education—we represent Nebraska’s innovators in many fields.

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Choosing the Nebraska Lobbyists of Nowka & Edwards

Investing in a Nebraska lobbyist to represent your needs is an important decision. Why do our clients choose us? Our track record of successfully delivering results is based on a simple formula: Knowing the issues, the process, and the people that drive public policy in Nebraska.

Our understanding of the issues begins with an intense focus on understanding our clients and their concerns. Close relationships enable us to quickly identify and grasp legislative issues as they arise, and help our clients place those issues into the context of the larger political puzzle.

Nebraska’s unique legislative process can seem daunting to outsiders. As the only state in the nation with a unicameral (one house) legislature, our policymaking process is best known by those who have worked on the inside. Our skilled Nebraska lobbyists help clients navigate this process from the perspective of our prior experiences as legislative staffers, executive branch employees, and private practice attorneys.

Most importantly, we know the people of Nebraska, its culture, and its politics. Part of that knowledge is reflected in our backgrounds. Two of our Nebraska lobbyists (Trent and Russ) were raised on multi-generation family farms in rural Nebraska. Jon is the son of a businessman and long-time mayor from small town Fremont. Our varied backgrounds make us relatable to policymakers from every corner of Nebraska, on either side of the aisle, regardless of political party. We work to serve our clients and not the agenda of any political party or philosophy.  

Photo credits: Nebraska Unicameral Information Office


Our goal is to ensure your organization gets the results it needs. We’re here to advocate your agenda and not the agenda of any political party.